An ERP product concept for multi-cargo port operations

Adapted from an assignment where my team and I derived a concept system to improve general productivity within multi-cargo port operations. We regularly liased with staff from the Ports of Auckland who helped us to refine our concept. UoA has expressed interest in adapting our concept into a Masters thesis study.

In the 2019 Center for Entreprenuership and Innovation Idea Bootcamp, portManager was created by my team to serve as a concept product to be sold to port operators.


In collaboration with;

The Ports of Auckland

Jordan Anderson

Koon Chakhatrakan

Autonomous Warehouse Robot

An Autonomous Warehouse Project was created to help the Dairy Industry Cooperative deliver stock around a warehouse due to the rising costs of labour. A scaled down version of the robot used in the warehouse to deliver stock was provided to us to aid in its design. The robot is to be designed ensuring that it would abide by the restrictions such as staying out of the Keep Out Zones, starting & finishing within the Human/Robot interaction zones and completing the task within a specified time limit to avoid exhausting the battery before finishing. The Robot’s entire task must is completed autonomously. The prototype utilised a VEX robotics microcontroller. The code developed by my team that was uploaded to the microcontroller can be viewed within the report provided.


In collaboration with;

Shari Masina

Transparent padlock modeled using CAD

A locksmith's practice padlock was disassembled and internal components were precisely measured. A CAD model was then created in PTC's Creo CAD package from these measurements.

Structural bracket design using Finite Element Analysis

A bracket representative of a structural element in a machine or mechanism was desiged for specified stiffness and strength, attempting to minimize weight. Finite Element Analysis was applied using the ANSYS software package. Design for Machining was considered. Computer-aided Process Planning and Manufacturing (CAPP/CAM) was conducted. Communication of your detailed design, for manufacture is outlined in the report (below). Critical analysis of the performance of the bracket and process design is also included within the report.


In collaboration with;

Paul McHardy